About Us

We’re a team from different apparel factories, we setup this online selling store sponsored by our manufacturers. Our target is with Internet, we bypass wholesalers, you bypass retailers and we meet online, you get deal directly with manufacturers. both of us get saving from efficient communication and optimized supply chain.

All the products in store are labelled with factory brand, some are with no brand, no logo at all, but it does Not mean poor quality. Any product are checked with Beewar quality to ensure it’s meet a consistent standard. Our manufactures are Not ONLY apparel producer, but also Printing, Embroidering/Stitch maker, they provide Heat-transfer printing, Silk Screen Printing, Digital Printing…..and You can be the designer! to order through our visual supply chain. Beewar help you follow and tracking the status, at last, we arrange shipping it to you.

Beewar runs customer service with worldwide shipping to various countries around the world including USA, Australia, UK and Canada, easy returns and exchange policy and customer care team available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The clothes in selling are Not always in One pieces, in order to meet Minimum Order Quantity in Manufacture, we have to setup a level of start quantity. for example: Tank top, 100 pieces, it means, we will ship until the pending orders has been accumulated up to 100 pieces. then we will ship it. usually in such case, price will be very lower, for example, market price: 5 US$/pc, we would sell 2.5/pc.

Get exciting and saving cost at Beewar.com